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IQRF development kit for fast and efficient prototyping of the IoT (Internet of Things) wireless application. It contains a sensor and a relay kit as well as equipment for a IQRF wireless network. Based on TR-72GAT transceivers.

The set consists of one DS-START-05 and a second specific kit containing the sensor and relay kit, the battery-powered DK-EVAL-04A kit, and one IQRF transceiver.

In total, you will find 4 IQRF transceivers (TR-72GAT) in the set, which you can use for basic testing of your application. One option is to place 3 IQRF transceivers in the battery-powered DK-EVAL-04A kits as IQRF nodes and connect the fourth transceiver to the computer using the CK-USB-04A programmer and send IQRF commands to the nodes via it. So you can easily verify the functionality of your application. The sensor and relay kit can be added to the two IQRF nodes and then the control of these devices can be tested wirelessly via the IQRF network. You can also test the function and reach of the IQRF mesh network.

Many examples can be found in the IQRF IDE.

You can find more information here


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