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Data controlled transceivers

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The powerful IQRF wireless transceiver with integrated antenna is designed for vertical mounting. MCU with extended memories and more flexible pins. Suitable for street lighting and similar applications.

TR-75G is a family of IQRF transceiver modules operating in the 868 MHz and 916 MHz license free ISM (Industry, Scientific and Medical) frequency band. Its highly integrated ready-to-use design containing MCU, RF circuitry, serial EEPROM and on-board antenna requires no external components. Vertical mounting and very small dimensions allow space saving. Extra low power consumption fits for battery powered applications. Flexible MCU pins enable extended functionality and simpler application circuitry and PCB. Extended MCU memories include built-in operating system which significantly reduces application development time. Optional DPA framework supports applications even without programming.

Possible applications:

  • Bidirectional RF communication
  • Point-to-point or network wireless connectivity
  • Telemetry, AMR (automatic meter reading)
  • WSN (wireless sensor network)
  • Building automation
  • Street lighting control
  • Wireless monitoring, control and regulation
  • Remote data acquisition
  • RF connectivity in many other fields
  • Also for municipal and indoor areas
  • Internet of Things

For more information: Datasheet TR-75GA


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Development kits